How to apply for 96 Thousand NTRCA Teachers for 5th Gonobiggopti 2024

How to apply for 96 Thousand NTRCA Teachers for 5th Gonobiggopti 2024. The NTRCA e application for the recruitment of teachers to fill the vacant posts in educational institutions is starting today from Wednesday (April 17). 5th Gonobiggopti Online application will start from 12pm on April 17, 2024. The Applications will be continuing till May 9. Applicants can submit the application fee till May 10 at 12 pm.

The Non Government Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) published the fifth public notification on March 31. According to the notification, teachers will be appointed against 96 thousand 736 posts. There are total 43 thousand 286 posts in schools and colleges of the country and 53 thousand 450 posts in madrasas and technical institutions will be appointed.

How to apply for 96 Thousand NTRCA Teachers for 5th Gonobiggopti 2024

How to Apply: Rules regarding payment of application fee online are given on Teletalk Bangladesh Limited website and NTRCA website (NGI Teletalk Com BD). Video tutorial sample (demo) on application and fee payment rules is available on Teletalk Bangladesh Limited website. Applicants should possess desirable educational qualification as per latest Manpower Structure and MPO Policy issued by Department of Secondary and Higher Education and Department of Technical and Madrasa Education. The candidate must apply only to the subject-related posts and educational institutions mentioned in his teacher registration certificate. If the applicant provides false information, legal action will be taken against him including cancellation of the final recommendation.

Age of Applicant: Applicant age should be 35 years or less as on 1 January 2024. Applicants can choose 40 educational institutions.

Each applicant can make only one application at the same level (school/college) as per registration certificate. A candidate can choose maximum 40 institutions in his application from the list of vacancies. After giving the choice, if a candidate wants to work in any educational institution of the country other than his choice, then he has to click Yes in the box named Other Option displayed in the e-Application form. If not willing, click No. Apply Now>>

5th Gonobiggopti 2024 Apply Online Application

NTRCA advises the candidate to exercise caution while granting institution choice.

Institutions which do not have the desired number of students against the respective vacant posts, the MPOs of those institutions may be canceled at a later time / in the future, therefore the MPOs received from various private educational institutions, which do not have the desired number of students against the vacant posts, cannot be recommended for the posts at a later time / in the future.

If a candidate has both school and college level certificates and applies for both the posts, he/she will be considered for college level first. If not selected at college level will be considered at school level. School level will not be considered if selected at college level.

Application Fee: Applicants are required to pay the prescribed fee of 1000 (One Thousand) Taka for all applications. If the prescribed fee is not paid, the application will be considered cancelled.

However, once recommended, there is no opportunity for those working in any school in the country (MPO members/index holders) to apply. However, if a candidate with a registration certificate (MPO holder/ index holder) at the school level has a college level teacher registration certificate and if he is not a college level MPO holder, he can apply to the college level posts and institutions mentioned in his teacher registration certificate.

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